Let us help us!


When you want to do something great you must let down things which you like to do until you complete your dream!!!

For my next endeavor I’ve only 800 SDG on my pocket.

I can only do one of the next things:

1- BUY a new bag for my laptop, enjoy the rest of the money, search for clients, bring in business, collect money for the jeans and shows… closed circle into collecting money!!!

2- Register Belsudani.org as an NGO to spread free online education for Sudanese youth, become completely broke, search for clients again, bring in business, built belsudanie.org, youth learn, youth find out ways to get paid, me get happy, me get happy, me get happy, me get happier!! … Closed circle collecting happiness!!!

Ok, why did I choose number (2)? Why NGO? Why not an entrepreneurship idea?
Well, here are some reasons:

1- Kan Allaho fy 3wen Al3abed ma dam Al3abed fe 3wen a5eh.
2- … Aw 3elm uontafa3 behy..
3- Money is not everything.
4- I believe I can bring in money in a way other than selling 3elm!!!
5- The type of money I’m collecting is’t gonna help me get married so I better donate it for good deeds…
6- Once we have a community we have power….
7- Poverty is not the reason why people shall fail.
8- Want to find nice people… Business game is dirty wallay!!!
9- I’m already in love♥ .
10- If all the above were not enough…. Then

<Hello! Yeah Da3esh?
Yes he/she is here
… yes yes he/she just red this liens and didn’t

– donate >>>>>>>>> u can send money to 0909041180

– share fy elkhair.

– like our facebook page >>>> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Belsudani/674445122599996

– participate. >>>>>>>>> plz visit belsudani.org and register!

– contact us directly to tell us how u can help..

– make du3a for us

Belsudani, It3alm maganey!!!

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