Humans & Life

Heading Home

It was late at night when I was trying to get out from the van. All the passengers were moving quickly but I was careless and I knew that it is not going to make a big difference.

In North Khartoum at the end of Africa Street, there is a station called “Soog Markazey” ; “Central Market-place” . It is usually crowded and packed with people.

I was heading home as usual but not like every time. That night there were some warm lights in the place which grasped my attention for the first time.

Life in Sudan


Lighting bulbs

I walked towered them and asked  the man how does the bulbs work and took a picture then brought it to you here to deliver a message. These guys are staying until that late time to sell their goods and they are trying every marketing strategy they know it would help them out. They try all of that; only to get what is enough for them to continue living, day by day…

OK, maybe they do it for more than that; but you got the idea.


Life is not easy for everyone, while some people work to secure their future, others work to stay simple in the present, not to mention those who have been left in the past. But we must say Alhamudulellah anyways.

Whatever your tense is, and whatever your destiny is, you just have to embrace life and enjoy the moment because it never comes back. Face life with appreciation and thank the Creator for what he gave you and always always say Alhamdulellah.

Attached is a picture of a kid sleeping in the street, in peace.

Small Kid

Inside of us we may ask:
but who knows?
who cares?
It is life!!! …

I say “NO”  If we don’t care then we have to step back and ask ourselves: are we humans?

After all, I just crossed the street to take the next ride home and got into the same van I came by .
It’s life 🙂

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