Hi, I’m Ahmed I’m a Petroleum Engineer and an MBA Student interested in International Management of Resources & Environment.


I’m Sudanese, born and raised in Khartoum, Sudan. I graduated from University of Khartoum in July/2013 with the First Class Degree Honor in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering. Anyways, I do Business, write codes and pretend to be a Petroleum Engineer hehehehe ^_^

you can download my CV here : Resume

or read it here:

Personal Info:

Date of birth: 2th Nov 1991
Place of birth: Atbara, Sudan.
Nationality: Sudanese.
Marital Status: Single.
Religion: Islam.


University of Khartoum [2008 – 2013]
– B.S.C in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering
[Honors Thesis: “The Usage of Static & Dynamic Modals in calculating (STOIIP), A computer assisted approach.”]
– Aptech Computer Education [2013- 2014]
completed two semesters from two year Diploma.

Teaching Experience:

Teaching Assistant – Mechanical Engineering Department.

1- Engineering Drawing.
Tutoring the subject, supervision of the Drawing lab groups, Grading papers, Advising Students.

2- C++ Programming Language.
Tutoring, supervision of computers lab, Installation of the required software,
practical training to students.

Teaching Assistant – petroleum Engineering Department

1- Reservoir simulation lab:
Server administration, installing required programs, supervision of groups.

2- Petroleum Geology, To Dr. Abdullah Hassan.
Tutoring the subject of petroleum Geology, met with students upon request, graded written work and papers.

3- Reserve Engineering, To UST. Ashraf Basbar.
Tutoring the syllabus, grading papers, advising students.


Work Experience:

Sudan Railways Corporation, Web Design Team Leader.

Feb–October [2014]

  • Website administration.
  • Theme design, plugins, scripts and extensions solutions.
  • Data editing and formatting.
  • Implemented the recruitment portal for the Sudan Railways Corporation.
  • Provided content design feedback to the project manager.

Gateway Institution, Branch Manager

  • Plan, initiate, and manage the Institute projects.
  • Establish Public Relations.
  • Quality control over (teachers, material, services etc).
  • Schedule and facilitate meetings.
  • Overlook Accounts (teacher’s payments, trainer’s payments, running cost, bank account).
  • Marketing and advertising the institute services.
  • Supervision of the staff and employees.
  • Recruitment of new employees.
  • Any other related issue.

International Institution for computer sciences & other studies.

(August – October 2013).
– Teaching visual programming language.
– Teaching students the first level, Headway series.

Ministry of Petroleum, Sudanese Petroleum Corporation, Oil Exploration & Production Authority (OEPA).

14 days training in Hegleg oil field from (17/03/2013) to (01/04/2013).
– Practical training period in the following fields:

  • Production operations.
  • Drilling operations.



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