DIY Lighting Stand

What?light stand

First of all, It’s Sudan, which means; it’s ain’t easy to make things with little or no budget :'( .

I was trying to build a DIY   Home Studio for the project. I started with the DIY Lighting stand and that’s what I’ll discuss in this article.

So, yeah,  Lightning is one of the essentials in film making, photography and everything that evolves camera shooting.

Why do we need light?

Well, because it’s not your eyes which capturing the scene, it’s the camera, and what the camera sees differs from what your eyes see ;).

When using a camera, you need to configure its settings to cope with the environment you are working in. In any camera -Professional ones I mean- there are configurations such as the whit balance, exposure, shutter speed and more.

Whatever your camera settings were, keep in mind, you will need to help out the camera with some extra lights to better present the story you are telling and make it shine more.

Three Points Lighting

The first light you will need is the “Key light” or the main light. It’s the most important light in any lighting set up whether it’s one point, two points or even three points lighting. Your Key Light should come from a slightly higher angle from the subject and hit on him/her/it from an about 45 degree angle so that it creates the 3D look.

Fill Light

Then you will need the fill light, which will be in the opposite direction from the main light to fill in the shadows made by your subject.

Background Light

Also, there is the background light which acts as a prompt for the background and separate your subject from the background giving the scene that three dimensional look.

Notice, these were the general concepts to lighting your scene, however, every situation has its own lighting set up. So, just try to be as creative as you can, use Jels, reflectors, prompts and any equipments you aspire to help brighten your image. Start from the general rules then follow your heart to build your own amazing style.

DIY Lighting Stand

The Internet is full of resources where you can find nice designs for your lighting stand. Me personally preferred the Rayen Connolly way -the host of FilmRiot- . However, I did more research  😎  and collected the information for you the Sudanese way.

Enough talking and now let’s get our hands dirty making some lighting stuff.

Things you might need:

– PVC pipes “1/2 & 3/4 inches”
– PVC couplings “1/2 & 3/4 inches”
– PVC cross “If you’re living in Sudan; use two T-PVC-couplings XD
-PVC Elbows
– PVC cutter “If you are living in Sudan; use a saw XD
– Electrical wire
– 300 watts bulb
– Screws & nuts
– All purpose cement.
– Drill bit “Not that one petroleum Engineers use hehehe” XD
– Cartons filled with Doritos Chips
– Someone you hate or love <3

Firstly, Build the base of the stand which will be “square/rectangular”  using five of the T-joints and four of the elbows to peace the PVC pipes together.

like this:

Base of the Stand

Now, with the T-joints facing straight up connect the PVC pipes until you reach a reasonable height then connect them all together making a closed rectangular so that we have our complete support finished
like this:

Base of the Stand

when building the base I was using a 3/4 inch pipes so that when it is finished, I use the 1/2 inch pipes to go inside the base of the stand

like this:

1/2 inch pipe extension

Now, mount the DIY bulb in the PVC stand using a PVC T-joint

like this:

DIY bulb container

Finally, connect the electric wire to an energy source such as your nose then Photoshop it

like this XD XD

Power for lighting

Now, you are ready to go,,, and don’t forget, always, help people and feel good.

Goodby until the next post!
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