“Sh0o0f” Things I’ve learned from SWKhartoum

shooofSo I attended an event called Startup weekend. It was the first time for this event in Sudan …
anyways I had my idea which is  to invest in education and I was working on that alone and I wanted to find the right people to help me make it a reality.. until I met the team “Sh0o0f” Muaz, Lyina and Salma..
When I saw Salma on the stage I listened to her idea and I found it pretty close to mine so I contacted her immediately and She was like “we will be the winners of SWK” 🙂
Then I saw Muaz and learned that his idea is to make interactive educational videos   … now I saw a great potential in this guy when he showed me some of his art work.. so I was like “we can collaborate and develop a good content for our Startup “.. and he was like “great deal”…

anyways, let’s get back to the title of this post:team shoof

Things I’ve learned from SWKhartoum

I would like firstly to thank the team who made SWK possible in Sudan:


Now let us get in business,

If I would describe my experience:

I met some great designers, I realized that if someone knows about Photoshop & Illustrator that’s not enough excuse for him/her to go around and say ” I’m a designer ”

I met a punch of great developers, I realized that knowing five programming languages is not enough excuse to go around and say “I’m a developer”..

I met some Business folks, I learned that it’s not always true that business men is the most stupid people among the company team..

I met some kids -from the prospective of other- who are doing business already, so I learned that I need to change the way I learn..


Here is a list of things I learned at SWK

1- Nice people exists.

2- Team work is essential.

3- Entrepreneur can start from nothing but an idea.

4- women also can be entrepreneurs BTW they deal with coins better than men 🙂

5-Off-course MVP and the Business model are important but the value of the Business itself is more important.


that wasn’t the fun part the fun part was:

1- Learned how to sleep while standing.

2- Learned how to stand while sleeping.

3- Learned how to eat and think about something else other than eating.

4- Learned how to helpful it is to have a break of fun while working.

5- Learned how important it is to back up every thing u have in a flash desk.

6- Learned how to use a camera properly.


but still I’d say I learned that I still need to learn..

#SWKhartoum ,no talk all action.









2 responses to ““Sh0o0f” Things I’ve learned from SWKhartoum

  1. I agree with the part where you said “I’d say I learned that I still need to learn”. Despite the fact that we may always think or see ourselves as educated and aware enough of what is around or ahead of us, we still need and have to learn more and know for the rest of our lives; for knowledge is limitless.
    I surly encourage you for giving Sudanese youth a chance of growing and education regardless of the boundaries our country have drew. Definitely a pride.
    I have been looking for someone who is fully experienced or have his ways with them designing programs (Illustrator, InDesign,…etc), although half of major requires me personally to be empowered to use them.

    P.S keep up with SWKhartoum.


    • rouenmorgan,Thanks for visiting my blog I’m very happy to have you here..
      Learning is an ongoing process and he who stopped learning stopped living..
      I myself enjoy education as I enjoy food and maybe more 😉 … and I love that for others as well..
      I hope that it become easy for us to establish this project and make it grow..

      P.S Thanks for your nice words

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