From the point of view of an (IT, petroleum engineer)

From the point of view of an (IT, petroleum engineer)

088It was crowded and teeming smiles,but let us start the story from the beginning. We entered to that “LAN -Friendship hall-” through their default Gateway without a need for a password since no one before us configured the “router” to ask for an invitation card.

Anyway, we got into our car with its cool IP address “” and rode on the road trying to get into there on time, but because the “traffic” was difficult and our “uploading speed” were limited we used another “virtual” way in the “WAN” of Sudan to reach that stage.

Our Program was OAO* software which was also the “AP -access point-” that distribute the “wireless” for us to enter the NILE prize competition for scientific innovation.

Our participation was another white point in the history of our “browser” but let me say we are going to delete it permanently and search for other “servers” to make our footprint in them.

On behalf of The Department of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering, with its honorable , respected and reputable “network” & staff I’m loudly and proudly congratulating all the participants in this competition:

Ismail Salah Ashi
Mosa eltayeb Mosa
Abdallmajeed Kmal

Mosab hamed allhassan hamed
Mosab hassan Abdallrahman
Ahmed Altohami

Osama Mohamed Abozaid
Osama Alkarouri
Ahmed E. Abdallganie

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported us through our study and after we graduated:

Prof. Hassan Basher Nimir “our project supervisor”
Dr. Abdalla Hassan Wagialla
Dr. Quosy Awad
Ust. Salah Alldeen Tawfeeg
Ust. Altazi
Ust. Malik “our co-supervisor”
Ust. Nazar Abdel Bari
Ust. Abdalrahman Alsalamaby.
thanks to All of you even those who I missed to mention, and those who are behind the “firewall” of the department”Alltuters”.

I hope that the government and society honor them someday but it looks like we “ping” the destination and get a “time out error” with no reply from their dam routers.

we are pinging their Gateway in vain.

*OAO stands for Osama, Ahmed, Osama.
*Next time -Insha Allah- I might use the terminology of petroleum industry.

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