Unemployment among young people

It’s too bad to be true!!!

unemploymentUnemployment among young people – including university graduates – is one of the biggest challenges that face my country, Sudan. It’s clear for everyone that this particular problem is like a tree that has many branches and any branch is a big problem itself. For example, the increase of the crime rate which leads to instability in the society is one of the consequences of unemployment.
It’s obvious that not having a job means not having money and that’s why youth facing difficulties to marry; so another solution for them to satisfy their sexual needs is the illegal prohibited unsafe sexual interaction. This point leads us to the fact that the sexually transmitted diseases including (HIV/AIDS) are easily being transmitted especially in the absence of the health awareness and Islamic teachings.
Another branch of the unemployment tree is that now people are grouped into three social categories, the upper, middle and the most lower classes. This makes the situation even worse.
I think that the key barrier to resolve this challenge is the bad management of both, the natural and human resources. Sudan has big land for agriculture, has gold and moreover petroleum and natural gas but the way of managing them isn’t perfect or at least good.

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